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I proudly present my new blog

Some of you might ask, why I chose “that” name. And not something more self-explaining.
Well, I registered this domain before I actually decided to setup a blog on it, and up to now I still use it for various non “blogish” things, and so the blog was somewhat a addition to the existing collection of setups hidden beneath the “” domain.

To say it in technical terms… it’s kinda a “legacy domain” and I don’t feel like registering an own domain for this blog.
Maybe in the future, but definitely not at the moment.

A short introduction of myself…

I’m Richard Raumberger, a full-time software developer from Graz, Austria. Since last year I’m doing a Bachelor’s degree in Software Design at FH Joanneum and currently I’m working on my first Bachelor’s thesis.

I like all kinds of technical stuff, mostly directly or indirectly related with software development and therefore you will mostly read technical posts on this blog. Yet “officially” this isn’t a tech-blog. 🙂

I won’t publish regularly, but feel free to subscribe to this blog (via RSS), if you like its contents.


Feel free to follow me on twitter, where I will share new posts.

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